Kids Unplugged – digital detox

Kids Unplugged – digital detox







I can remember so clearly that my childhood happiness was all about playing outside, riding bikes, playing sports, team games with the kids next door and building pirate ships in our garden. It really was a different kind of fun that was fearless. We had Enid Blyton imaginations; we created our own games that didn’t require expensive equipment or parental supervision. We were captains of our ships sailing the high seas coming up with all kinds of imaginary games and characters. We ran around a lot, exploring our sensory world that was also so simple and based on nature, even children’s television programs were very limited.

These days 21st century family life is relying on digital technology for entertainment and personal growth. The last 20 years of the Internet has snowballed children and adults into a new era. Most children including those in primary schools have iPads, laptops and mobile phones. I’ve even seen parents in awe of their 3 year old who they considered to be really clever because he could use an iPhone. The benefits of new technology driven society may have outweighed the problems it has caused. As our education system has become more streamlined through technology. Even handwriting skills are a thing of the past in some schools since homework is done on the Internet.

Could it be that the world has become a high speed train of technological advancement and that what is considered digital overload for children, is simply the adaptation and education they need to prepare for an even faster evolving and socially connected society? In a few clicks everything is possible. However, the latest diagnosis “Digital addiction” is an issue we just cannot dismiss or ignore.  As responsible adults we can certainly create more balance in a child’s life. It’s really time to be mindful of how long a child is spending in front of the TV, on a laptop or iPad, once homework has been done. Ultimately, the example parents set at home will dictate how kids use digital devices and games. Find other ways to keep them quite rather than downloading another app to keep them entertained.

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