When presented with options, many parents would choose to include yoga as part of the physical education programmes at their children’s schools. Some schools haven’t made changes to their curriculum in years (in some cases, it may even have been decades!), but today’s forward-thinking educators are often enthusiastic about offering children a well-rounded educational experience. Interested parents may wish to contact their children’s teachers about incorporating yoga instruction into their kids’ school days.

“I thought you may be interested in this: Eve was feeling unwell last night & was actually getting herself in to a bit of a state about the prospect of being sick – she started shaking….I asked her to remember the time when she fell asleep in your class, remember the relaxation techniques. The response was incredible, I was so impressed – asleep in 10 minutes. What fantastic techniques they are learning with you to cope with stress and anxiety, as well as positive emotions, core strength & posture. Its very exciting..

“Thank you for what you have done & I look forward to getting Eve and Jemma back into yoga after the hols”

Beka – Parent, North Ealing Primary School 

“Nicci is an exceptional yoga teacher and for my child, her classes have been a tremendous gift. Not only has my daughter developed good posture, flexibility and strength, but she has also grown in self awareness and confidence. I saw her emerge from yoga class every week being more and more centred and valuing her contribution and accomplishments especially during a very stressful time in our lives yoga was invaluable as it helped Zahra to find her centre throughout so much so that her sister Norah was also inspired to join yoga.  I find Nicci to be totally child-focused and child-friendly. The kids seem to feel so at ease around her and trust her to empower them to do some pretty tricky-looking yoga poses. Very impressive, very skilled. I can’t rave enough about Little Yogi! “

Shemina Asaria Parent, North Ealing Primary School

“Yoga is exciting and calm. I love my time out in yoga. Yoga makes me happy. I feel good at yoga”!  Fran Beale Age 5

“Yoga is good for you because you can become fit. I love yoga because I can stretch myself. On Tuesday I go to yoga and I love it. Yoga is good and you can also become a super yogi” Lola Petrovik Age 8

“I have been doing yoga since I was 5. I am even more flexible now I am age 8. It helps me sleep better at night and when I feel worried I can do deep belly breathing which calms me down. When we do meditation I feel weightless” Kar men Yap Age 8


“About yoga with Nicci I want to say; it relaxes my body after a big active day and it helps my muscles to chill out. It helps me to find peace inside myself and listen to my inner teacher. I’ve been going since I was in year 2 and now I’m in year 5. I am really flexible and strong too. Nicci’s a great teacher because she listens and really understands our group” Zahra Asaria Age 8

“I will be going to professional tennis school soon and yoga is helping me to become even more flexible. Yoga also helps me to train my mind and focus my energy, stay calm too. Lots of professional sportsman do yoga it’s so kool” Luka Petrovik Age 11

“Our pupils always enjoy their yoga classes – for some it is their first chance to explore this important discipline. Nicci will always take an assembly with the children and explain the important principles which underpin the activity. For several of her group, it provides an opportunity to establish a calm approach towards their studies in school and we have seen the benefit for these pupils in particular. I have no doubt that Nicci’s dedicated approach has a considerable and consistent impact on what we provide in school and I know she will continue to have an influence on what we achieve together. We thank her for all she has given to the school”

Bob Fletcher Head Teacher North Ealing Primary School