FW: Issues – Tech Support

FW: Issues – Tech Support



From: =
Marlon Franklin <>

Sent: 11 February 2019 10:31
To: SB&R – Support – Team Leaders <U_DG_SBR_Support_TeamLeade=>; Rachel Whiteley <rachel.whiteley@zeninternet.c=>
Subject: FW: Issues – Tech Support



From: T=
ech Interview
Sent: 11 February 2019 10:30:43 (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Lon=
To: TechInterview
Subject: Re: Issues – Tech Support

Hello Mr Bobbingto


I’m sorry to hear that these issues are occurring =
and you are not happy with the support you have recently received. In order=
for me to get to the bottom on the problem I will need
to ask you a few questions,

Firstly is this issue occurring at around the same time =
the alarm system has been turned on?

       If it is please cou=
ld you turn the alarm system off whilst your at the premises to see if you =
notice a change in the intermittency of the connection. If the connection s=
like it is working it could be that the alarm is causing interference with=
your internet connectivity.


Secondly is the router plugged into the test socket this=
can be found behind the face plate of the master socket?

    If not could you also try this if the=
re is still intermittent connections even after the alarm system has been t=
urned off.


Once we have fixed this issue we can discuss compensatio=
n as we will be able to look at the relevant actions which need to be taken=



Kind Regards










A. Customer

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 2:23 PM

To: ‘’

Issues – Tech Support


To your alleged “Support” team


I am getting really fed u=
p with your service I have called and spoken to numerous people on numerous=
occasions & yet my service is still not working
like it should be I am yet again having to email you due to the extremely =
long waits in getting through to your support desk and this means that yet =
again I have to explain my issue My service keeps dropping out each evening=
and it seems that when I call in
your support staff are just fobbing me off with one excuse after another F=
irst it was to try another filter then another router then checking for iss=
ues with my phone line Of course the line was working as I was calling you =
from it I can’t keep connecting
and disconnecting things from the phone line as I have an alarm system att=
ached to it that will no doubt stop working soon and if I have any issues I=
will not be able to contact my alarm company and I will hold YOU responsib=
le Anyway I am beyond fed up with
trying to get you to fix the issue and if you do not offer me a resolution=
soon I will be taking my business elsewhere I await your response detailin=
g what you are going to do for me to fix my service and what compensation I=
can expect so that you can retain
me as a customer

Mr. Henry Boddingto

Melissa Francois
Resourcing Business Partner
Zen Internet
Direct: 01706 902553

M: 07590963384

Winner of ‘Services Company of the Year’ at the UK IT Industry =

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