FW: Internet & Email Drop Outs

FW: Internet & Email Drop Outs



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Marlon Franklin <>

Sent: 11 February 2019 10:16
To: SB&R – Support – Team Leaders <U_DG_SBR_Support_TeamLeade=>; Rachel Whiteley <rachel.whiteley@zeninternet.c=>
Subject: FW: Internet & Email Drop Outs



From: T=
ech Interview
Sent: 11 February 2019 10:15:55 (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Lon=
To: TechInterview
Subject: Re: Internet & Email Drop Outs

Hi Mark


I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing these issue=
s with your emails, are you aware if this happens on other devices or just =
the device your currently using?


This also sounds like your router is potentially turning=
its self off and on again could you try going on your emails whilst the ro=
uter is plugged into the master socket, you can
find the master socket inside the white box which will say BT on it there =
will be two screws or a sliding plate if your remove this the mast socket i=
f you plug your router in this and try to open your emails we will be able =
to determine if it is an issue with
your device or the router its self.


I hope this solves the issue for you.



kind regards




A. Customer

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 2:27 PM

To: ‘’

Internet & Email Drop Outs=


Hi Support,


I seem to be suffering wi=
th a bit of a weird issue using my email. Your support agent, Bob, helped m=
e last week in setting up my email address in Microsoft
outlook. My connection works fine when I’m online looking at my favo=
urite websites like and, but for some s=
trange reason every time I check my emails the internet dies and I have to =
reconnect. It’s not quite annoying just
yet, but I feel it may be if it continues. It’s also not something I=
’d expect from an ADSL connection that I’ve heard is ‘alw=
ays on’. Can you help me with this please? I’m not overly techn=
ical so please give me help I will understand!

Mark Karl


A. Customer
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Zen Internet
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