FW: “can you list what freedoms you have lost for me obviously role

FW: “can you list what freedoms you have lost for me obviously role

From: Jon Bavington
Sent: 05 October 2018 16:56
To: Jon Bavington
Cc: Lance Bown
Subject: FW: “can you list what freedoms you have lost for me obviously role specific lol ”

Unable to eChat an outage with supplier
Unable to raise a fault to supplier both broadband and telephone
Unable to book appointment with supplier both broadband and PSTN
Unable to deal with any ICP (indirect or Wholesale) customer of any form (diagnostics, raise fault)

To address the above points : These are no longer part of the core role as it was in channel this is effectively a 2nd pair of eyes and pretty much how its always been downstairs advisor raises to fault manager, having a dedicated team also help promote standardisation as the “team” is now bigger than it was upstairs so time stealers can easily grow and have a potential impact on customers and the wider resources.

Can’t even do a callback without asking for permission first.
This is mainly because you don’t have full visibility of call trends and availability and potential impacts of you being off the phone.

If you look at all of the above as an individual than I do understand your frustration but when working as part of a larger team its important to be responsible for you part and contribution to the wider cause and trust in others that they will also fulfil their parts.

I feel you are seeing this as personal demotion which it is not. if you were to look at this from a constructive positive perspective you would see its actually freed you up to pursue other challenges and growth areas those skills you had upstairs are still relevant but we can use them differently especially with having so many new starters on the team they would benefit from your experience.

Jon Bavington
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